Shirts - Men

Shirts - Men

Used with goldigine as nightwear or underwear, then as an essential piece ofare required to work, the shirt has transformed over time, to become, today, a real fashion accessory. An essential item of clothing in a men's wardrobe, the men's shirt is one of the great classics that Vicomte A. chose to revisit brilliantly.

There Vicomte A. men's shirt, this timeless elegance

No matter how many years pass the shirt remains a great classic of French fashion. It embodies the style, personality and elegance of a man. It adapts to all occasions (work, romantic evening or casual day) and available in different cuts, colors and fabrics to suit tastes and to everyone's desires. A sure value such as the classic white sleeved shirt long and straight cut with buttoned collar and short-sleeved shirt casual to the elegant shirt with print, the options are infinite.

Elegance details

Vicomte A. offers shirts original and refined that you won't find anywhere else. Her secret ? The addition of its details, these touches of originality and refinement, in each shirt. Elbow patches, inside collar, buttonhole and/or sleeve cuffs with a different pattern or color... The goal is to make you shine thanks to this little extra thing that will make you different from the others. We emphasize, with these characteristic elements, French charm and elegance. In you offering various colors and patterns, we wish to offer you a wide choice so that every man finds the shirt that suits him. Classic or original, you're sure to find one that fits your unique style.

A silhouette enhanced with the cuts fitted Vicomte A shirts

You love your body, you want it to be highlighted with beautiful clothes and you have reason ! The cuts of our shirts are designed to be perfectly suitable for all silhouettes.

Cut slim

The slim, modern and very trendy, is perfect for “V” body shapes (broad shoulders and thin waist) or “I” shape (not very broad shoulders and no stomach). If you have one of the two, it will perfectly highlight you. She is adjusted at the bust level to fit all the shapes of your body. We therefore advise you not to choose it too tight. (tip: if you have plenty of room to pass your fist between the shirt and your bust, the size is right, otherwise it's too small or too big).

Cut regular / Straight cut

This cut is ideal for men with some curves or even broad shoulders. The sides of a shirt with a straight cut fall straight and remain parallel. They don't follow the shape of your bust. Ideal for feeling comfortable and freer movements.

Viscount A. strives to satisfy all men by offering a complete range of eight sizes different: from XS to XXXXL. Once your model has been chosen (and this will not be not the easiest!), so don't forget to think about cutting and size so that the result is perfect. No more limits, only style!

Excellence in the choice of materials

What finally distinguishes our shirts, beyond the rest mentioned previously, these are the materials of high quality used. From cotton to linen to organic cotton, each fabric is carefully chosen to create unique pieces. Then how choose the right material according to your convictions and the comfort you seek?

Thanks to these high quality materials quality and meticulous manufacturing, our shirts are designed to stand the test of time, giving you timeless elegance that lasts.

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