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Choose your polo shirt - Viscount A

Intemporal and iconic, the Polo For man is part of the basic Who have crossed the ages and infiltrated all the male locker rooms. There are several versions: short-sleeved or long sleeves, and can be interpreted and bored in a thousand ways, for a preppy look always smart and relaxed.

From Sport to the City

The men's polo was invented in the 1920s by a professional tennis player who wants to wear a sport that is both practical, technical and elegant. Its characteristics : a single cross piece, between the T-shirt Cool and Shirt Chic, in peeled cotton, with buttons and a collar.

The man's polo is originally a piece of sportswear Reserved for the wealthy and wealthy elite. The different mode movements, up to the podiums, are appropriate, by permanently making an intergenerational part.

Originally with short sleeves, the man's polo also exists with Long sleeves, In rugby version, for a very virile and even more " flippant chic look.

A timeless and universal piece

On horseback between sports, chic BCBG and trendy, the man's polo is decidedly a must of the male wardrobe. Since its creation, it has been borrowed by a number of fashion movements in the style affirmed, from rock bands as well as from rap to punks to mods, not to mention the jet-set and the movie stars. He seduces the big like the little ones, as much to the followers of a traditional style as to the gills concerned with a pointed mode, to the faithful of elegance as well as to the fervent defenders of the coolness.

More chic than a t-shirt And less formal than a shirt, the polo for man constitutes an eminent source of inspiration for the creators, a blank canvas on which the latter can affix their paw. He was thus reinvented infinitely Until it is seen on the catwalks, in both men and women.

The polo for Man Vicomte A., a vast choice!

The man polo is part of the DNA of Vicomte A., Which particularly likes its relaxed nonchalance, its elegance tinged with coolness. The brand also declined, season after season, in many models.

How do I choose his polo? Pied mesh or refined cotton pima? Slim or Right Cup? Short or long sleeves? Coloris sober or flashy? Unless you have the multicolored version, or the striped version? A sober and classic version, or a model with stitching details such as the officer collar or the back of the printed collar? Not to mention the " Tunisian declination, at round neck like a t-shirt.

Your carrure, your taste and your inspiration, You can fly the polo for man with sneakers and a chino with ankles, a linen pants and boat shoes or swordfish, a denim or shorts, open the pass nonchalantly for a cool attitude or on the contrary to close it for a false preppy look, or to cover it elegantly with a sweater, blazer or a blouson. The man cannot decently jump from the polo in his wardrobe, and has not finished having fun with him!

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