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Vicomte A. Fabrics

Les matières Vicomte A - Vicomte A

A garment is not just a cut, a color or a pattern. A garment is above all a material ! A material that is chosen with care and attention. For it is indeed the starting point of all creation.

When we love a garment, we contemplate every detail. Starting with the fabric that makes it up. It can be soft, stretch or dense. It can be soft, silky, warm, or firm. And it can also be glossy, matte or iridescent. But also plain or patterned. There are thousands of them, and their possibilities are endless.

Choose a fabric, work the material

At Vicomte A, the choice of materials is a work that is done with passion. «To choose them, we do shopping, we look at what the brands of our environment offer, our suppliers, what happens on the catwalks of the shows, but also on the street. "says Mickael, stylist at Vicomte A. If some research is done with a well-defined objective, it also happens that the brand gets carried away by an unexpected discovery. «Sometimes, we come across materials by chance, and it is a blow to heart, because they perfectly match the DNA of the brand and the story we want to tell for the collection we work on. ", adds the stylist.

At Vicomte A., the choice is more about natural materials than technical materials. Chic, sportwear and casual, the brand appreciates colors and details. In the workshops of Viscount A., we cherish the material itself as much as its ennoblement. Because the work of matter has an essential place in the processes of creation.

The iconic materials of Viscount A.

For Mickael, a "good material" is a natural material, which is part of a spirit that respects the environment. A comfortable material, robust and, above all, durable over time. So many criteria that we find in two of the flagship materials of the brand.

Among them : pima cotton. Emblematic material of Viscount A., pima cotton is used in particular for the making of his famous signature polo shirts, which are integrally composed of it. This is a variety of cotton that has the particularity of having fine and long fibers, which give the cotton its soft, fluid and resistant appearance. Criteria that make pima cotton even more noble than a classic cotton. Another material very present in the workshops of Vicomte A.: cashmere cotton (90%/10%), particularly appreciated for its softness and comfort. A refined material that is found in particular within the sweaters Viscount A.

Finally, the choice of materials is made to the rhythm of the seasons. Winter is, in fact, more conducive to warm and comforting materials. Possibilities offered, for example, by certain wool blends. Summer, meanwhile, gives way to lighter and more delicate materials. What some linen blends offer.

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