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How to choose your summer polo

How to choose your summer polo | Vicomte a

How to choose your summer polo?

The strong heat made their appearance on the whole territory, so it's time to adapt its wardrobe according. The key piece of the male locker room during the summer is without a doubt The short-sleeved polo. At Vicomte A. The latter is our flagship piece, so we offer small tips to choose your man polo this summer. 

How to choose the cut of its polo?

In the first place, in order to get a perfect fit, the sleeves of a polo must necessarily be halfway between the shoulders and elbows. 

In addition, in order to be sure that it is well adjusted, you must be able to insert your fingers between the fabric of the handle of the polo and the arm. 

Otherwise, this means that your polo is not at your waist. 

Which collar to choose for his polo?

The collar of the polo must be very rigid enough and thick in order to get a nice curve that will harmonize the line of your shoulders. Small trick: pinch the collar pulling on top. If you feel some resistance then the pass fills the criteria well. 

The polos we produce at Vicomte A. have a side-edge neck with a 2-button tab to get a rigid and thick rendering. 

Which knit choosing?

The knitted knit is solid and breathable. A good piqué polo can be worn for many years since it resists multiple washes! 

At Vicomte A. That's what we prefer! Our polos are flexible and breathable for a summer sheltered from heat. Our classic Pablo Polo is ideal for this summer. 

What material ?

Cotton is the most widespread matter today when designing polos. Why ? Cotton is one of the most resistant materials thanks to its fibers and has a great ability to evacuate moisture. 

Cotton is therefore the most suitable material. At Vicomte A. We privilege the cotton pima. This cotton is also called "Silk of South American" since it is a very fine cotton and has silky fibers. 

This cotton is one of the best cottons in the world. When woven, Pima cotton brings a sweetness and surprising elasticity to the garment. This cotton makes the polo very nice to wear daily. 

In order to taste this sweetness, we offer our Perry polos which are 100% pima cotton. You will find them in many colors to brighten up your wardrobe. 

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